​​Leopold Biological Services was under contract in support of a Los Angeles County bikeway project for wetland delineation services.  The proposed bikeway project was located in a high desert, eastern Antelope Valley community, north of Los Angeles, California.  A wetland delineation was performed for a one-mile bikeway segment containing desert washes, gullies and channels.  Leopold provided support for regulatory agency reports.

The bike path is part of the Highway Safety Improvement Program with construction slated to begin Spring 2017.  The County Bicycle Master Plan is instrumental in increasing bicycle use within the county.  The plan extends existing bikeways, connects gaps, provides for greater local and regional connectivity, and encourages residents to bicycle more often.

If your project has been advised to have a wetland review, Leopold's wetland delineator will assist with a site visit, delineating and mapping the area.  If it's been determined a wetland exists, we would assist with reviewing options for mitigation and the permitting process.


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Wetland Delineation For A Los Angeles County Bikeway Project

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Wetland Delineation Photo by Christine Harvey


Wetland Delineation For A Los Angeles County Bikeway Project

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