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In 2014, Leopold's environmental consultant services were retained for least Bell's vireo and southwestern willow flycatcher protocol surveys in support of a high profile, 390 acre master-planned community in North San Diego County.  The project required an environmental consultant that held a southwestern willow flycatcher permit to perform the surveys.  

The southwestern willow flycatcher and least Bell's vireo surveys were concurrently conducted pursuant to A Natural History Summary and Survey Protocol for the Southwestern Willow Flycatcher for project related surveys and the general guidelines described by  Sogge et al. 2010, USFWS July 11, 2000, revised protocol, Least Bell's Vireo Survey Guidelines, USFWS January 2001 and in accordance with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recovery permit issued under section 10(a)(1)(A).  

The plans included enhancements such as 6-miles of walkway and trails, a community park and schools.  The proposed projects objective was to preserve environmentally sensitive lands, wildlife corridors and distinct ridgelines.  The plans lacked commercial development, therefore avoiding competition with neighboring established businesses.  Plans to permanently set aside 44% natural open space with an agricultural land buffer would maintain a rural feel.   

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