Endangered Species Nest Monitoring

​•  Habitat Assessments

 CEQA NEPA Document Support
 Regulatory Permit Acquisition
 Wetland Delineations
 Biological  Assessments
 Nesting Bird Surveys 

   Point Count Surveys   

•  Sensitive Species Inventories

​•  Biological Monitoring

•​  Threatened and Endangered Species                Compliance Assistance
 Vegetation Baseline Surveys and Mapping

Leopold's environmental consultant's area of expertise are in endangered species and vegetation surveys, wetland delineation, preparation of regulatory permit acquisition and CEQA NEPA compliance documents.  We're experienced biological monitors enforcing compliance of CEQA NEPA regulations for major utility, infrastructure, transportation, renewable energy and private development projects. 

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Leopold Biological Services (LBS) is a San Diego-based environmental consulting firm which provides expertise, knowledge and services in the field of natural resources management and implementing California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) compliance.  We assist our clients with practical solutions for environmental sustainability challenges, achieving clients' goals and protecting natural resources.


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LBS is a certified  DBE, WBE,SBE, SLBE  with the State of California Department of General Services, the Federal government and local agencies. Leopold is a SANDAG Architecture and Engineering (A&E) and a Construction Management (CM) Bench firm and on the County of San Diego CEQA Consultants List and the 2020 City, County and Port of San Diego Consultant Rotation List