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Project Manager

Environmental Intelligence, LLC

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Senior Biologist

Ultrasystems Environmental, Inc.

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Project Manager

Ultrasystems Environmental, Inc.

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Pardee Homes Capital Improvements

​"Thank you for all your hard work.  Leopold has exceeded our expectations with real-time reporting, prompt response to correspondences and detailed final reports.  We were in a bind for staffing with specialist and Leopold came through with permitted biologists for project surveys who analyzed sensitive natural resources survey results and advised on recommendations.  We look forward to working with Leopold in 2015."    


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​SDG&E Sunrise Powerlink

"I had the opportunity to work with Christine Harvey on the Sunrise Powerlink Project, where she served as a Bioloigcal Monitor.  She was very responsible and responsive to completing the work and submitted all monitoring documents accurately and on time.  Ms. Harvey was personable and has high integrity."

                              Mina Rouhi

​                              GIS Analyst/Senior Planner

​                              Ultrasystems Environmental, Inc.


Los Angeles County Road Improvement

"Thank you for being available at a moments notice.  We were in the middle of surveys that required a biologist with your expertise.  Thanks for a fine job.  We look forward to a long standing relationship with you."


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SANDAG Inland Rail Trail

We were very impressed with Christine's writing abilities and how she conducted business.  We continue to look for teaming opportunities and look forward to working with Leopold in the near future."


SCE 66 kV Subtransmission Line​"Christine's no nonsense professional approach to business, her pleasant disposition and her prompt and concise response to emails and reports made her an outstanding subcontractors.  We look forward to a long standing relationship with Leopold Biological Services."





Christine Harvey


Leopold Biological Services

​PO Box 421222

San Diego, CA 92124

Phone:  (619) 249-2531



Angelique Herman

Restoration Ecologist

​San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy

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     Natural Resources • Management • Planning

Carlsbad Hydrologic Unit Restoration Program

"On a moments notice, Christine stepped up to help lead our nesting bird surveys. She immediately exceeded our expectations by documenting least Bell's vireos in the reserve as well.  She made herself available on the weekends in order to facilitate project needs and was a pleasure to work with.  Thanks Christine!"

Mary Bilse

Environmental Planner

BRG Consulting, Inc.